Gold standard:

Let the GOLD reputation well-known in Asia, let the Asia market full of GOLD Medals’s products,  let the world share the GOLDME.

Gold idea:

for success.

Gold standard:

let the gold reputation in Asia, Asia loaded with gold, let the world share the gold medal in Asia.

Gold spirit:

solidarity, dedication.

Quality policy:

to develop through quality, to cast GOLD MEDAL through quality.

Environment policy:

based on the rules and regulations, and reduce the solid waste, focus on the green and pay attention to safety, continued ascension.

Management policy:

Institutionalization and human-based: No rules, no compass. Strict rules and procedures ensure the efficient and orderly operation for the enterprises. Full of humanistic care, GOLDME has a strong cohesion and vitality and make employees here have a strong sense of belonging.

Delicacy management: The details and hard-working can lead to the best result.