• 2018

    Awarded the "annual ceramic veneer" and "environmental contribution award"

    Won  "guangdong famous brand products"

    Won the 2018 China ceramic gold award for antique brick silver award

    Editor, CPPT group standard for new ceramic tile paving process

  • 2017

    Won the Chinese ceramics industry innovation ceramic brand growth star

    Awarded the ceramic star enterprises in 2017

     Won the outstanding modern brick brand enterprise in 2017

    Awarded China 500 Most Valuable Brand Certification

    Won the dayan award -- China's leading ceramic brand in home furnishing industry

    Won the three awards of "brics award" -- designer recommendation brand, best product (gold award) and best case award of large-plate ceramic application

    Awarded as advanced manufacturing demonstration enterprise of ceramic industry

  • 2016

    Won Chinese Ceramics First-line Brand

    Gold Medal Ceramic Vi Image Upgraded

    Awarded China 500 Most Valuable Brand Certification

    Won The Household 100 Enterprises Of China Building Materials

    Gold Medal Ceramic Henan Branch Set Up

    Gold Medal Ceramic Landed  Times Square In New York

  • 2015.06

    Again Awarded The China 500 Most Valuable Brand Certification.

  • 2015.04

    Gold Medal Ceramics Won The Ten Brands Of All Cast Glaze Tiles.

  • 2014.02

    Olympic Champion Malin Officially Became The Gold Medal Ceramics' Image Spokesperson.


  • 2013.06

    Awarded China 500 Most Valuable Brand Certification

  • 2012.06

    In The Inter Continental Hotel Of Foshan," Win·contrarian Flying" Core Dealer Brand Upgrade Strategy.

  • 2011.07

    " Gold Medal Ceramics, Tibet Thanksgiving Tour" Held A Press Conference In Foshan Huaxia Ceramic Exhibition City Gold Medal Ceramics’headquarters Exhibition.

  • 2011.01

    Gold Medal Ceramics Brand Obtained The Title Of " Chinese Ceramic Industry Ten Big Brand" Honor.

  • 2010.11

    Gold Medal Ceramics- Chongqing Museum's Flagship Store Grand Opening In Chongqing.

    " Experience Design, Gold Dialogue"- The Premiere Of Gold Medal Ceramics,Ink Afanda Was Held In Chongqing, And Aroused A Strong Response.

  • 2010.05

    Yueyang Gold Medal Ceramics Designer Salon" More Design-more Fashion" Forum And The First" Gold Medal Ceramics Cup" Original Product Design Competition Was Successfully Held In Hua -tian Hotel.

  • 2010.03

    Gold Medal Ceramics New Fashion Conference Held In The Spring, Launched The First 3d Digital Inkjet Stereo Tile

  • 2009.10

    The Introduction Of Imported Ceramic Inkjet Printing Printer In Italy.

    2009引进意大利进口陶瓷喷墨彩印 (2).jpg

  • 2008.10

    Gold Medal Ceramics Brand Was Rated As Brand-name Products Of Guangdong Province.


  • 2007.10

    Gold Medal Ceramics Became The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Village Project  Products.


  • 2006.08

    The Brand Vi Of Gold Medal Ceramics Was Fully Upgraded, The Constructi On Of The Full Implemen Tation Of The Terminal Stores, The New Version Of The K Standard  Glazed Tile New Listing.

  • 2004.02

    Guangdong Gold Medal Ceramic Limited Company In The"southern Pottery Capital"established In Foshan,polished Tiles,glazed Tile Products Comprehensive Listing.