GOLDME, belonging to Guangdong Gold Medal Ceramics Co., Ltd, founded in 2004. With strong comprehensive strength and the spirit of continuous innovation, GOLDME creates industry benchmarks one by one, become one of high-end brands of ceramics industry in China.


GOLDME spent 800 million RMB and has established the world's leading production base of glazed products in Sanshui District of Foshan, which is also the first base used Italian Inkjet machine in South of China. In 2017, 150 million US Dollars spent on building a 600-meters the world-class environmental protection  production line for large-scale porcelain slabs. It helps to make a change of production from normal manufacturing to intelligence, also positively promotes the industry’s development.

An aerial view factory


When the traditional production process was common used in the industry such as silk screen printing, GOLDME was the first enterprise introducing the brand new inkjet printers and the inkjet printing technologies. The appearance of inkjet printing tiles established the leading position within the industry for GOLDME. When the trend of porcelain slabs started, GOLDME studied and researched the advanced technologies to make porcelain slabs with excellent performance in flexible, high toughness and breaking strength. It realizes the mass production of large-scale porcelain slabs with sizes of 1.2×1.2m, 1.2×2.4m, 1.6×1.6m, 1.6×3.2m, etc, which can be applied on both walls and floors, also can be used as door sheet, table top, cabinet door and countertop. The appearance of large-scale porcelain slabs is not only a great leap in technology, but also positively promotes the upgrade of aesthetic and household decoration.

Sith, inkjet printer

The largest mold molding press

Honors witness

With strength and the legend created, GOLDME has won the ‘advanced manufacturing technology of ceramic industry demonstration enterprise’, ‘goose award’, ‘the top 5 value brand’ and other honors. Committed to brand, quality and prices, GOLDME creates competitive cost advantage, brings rising radial force and penetration, wide coverage, unanimous approval and good reputation for the brand.

Within the period of preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games, GOLDME provided engineering brick tile to Olympic village for more than 90000 square meters. In addition, the Times Square, which is the strong brand advertising in the USA, showed GOLDME to the world.


For the future, GOLDME will, as always, adhere to the road of the brand development, constantly improve organizational core competitivenessto achieve the strength cast brand, to the brand to promote the development, as more consumers create a harmonious, pure human living space. Gold, meanwhile, will spare no effort to promote the ceramic industry change, create a new era for big board, write a new chapter.